A Digital Copywriter For Companies That Would Rather Outsmart The Competition Than Outspend Them.

You built a website. You created some content. And you may have even run some adverts. Yet, after all that, you might be wondering to yourself:

Is anyone reading any of this?

I hope you’re planted firmly in your seat because the answer might come as a nasty shock to you after you read the following facts.


Time magazine reported that 55 per cent of people spend fewer than fifteen seconds on a webpage.


And according to one 2021 study, users spend an average of 5.59 seconds looking at your content. (Let that sink in.) But the new goes from bad to worse.


A whopping 70 per cent of websites lack a strong Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage.


Now you know what your website is up against.


When you think back to the time, effort and cash invested to build a website, less than half of the people visiting will be there for more than fifteen seconds.


Of those who stuck around, you have less than six seconds to hook them. If not, those visitors will be smashing that Back button, fast! Sobering, isn’t it?

How Mylk Copy Can Help You

If you want to market your brand to people and get them to take action, you’re in the right place.

Mylk Copy is a Melbourne-based direct response copywriting agency run by me, Anthony Marion.

It’s where I spend my days (and nights) guzzling back coffee after coffee, hammering out words until they form enticing, persuasive sentences.

The type of sentences that speak to your readers like an old friend but at the same time gets them itching to buy.

In short:
 copywriting that outsmarts your competition.

Now, there’s no point saying all this without backing it up with the facts. Here are four things I’ve become the go-to expert for in the past four years.


My only focus is to bring home the bacon (sorry in advance if you’re a vegan or vegetarian). Every word in every sentence in every ad is crafted to make the online checkout sing.


Forget making your sales pitch to one semi-interested person at a time. I write ads that speak to hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of people in an instant.


My bread and butter clients are health, fitness and financial companies. I also get hired by biz owners in other exciting industries that want to beef up their advertising stock. Take a look at the work.


Like you, I love a good freebie. So I’ve put a handy blog together called Mylk Crate. It’s 100 per cent free and loaded with marketing tips, tools and titbits you can start using right away in your biz.

. . .

But talk is cheap, right?

Here’s what a client had to say about my last piece of work for him:

“Anthony is a fantastic copywriter. He was very easy to deal with, accommodating to our requests and delivered work to a very high standard … He offered a fresh perspective to what we were trying to achieve and as a result, we are very happy with the work delivered. We will continue to use Anthony for all our copywriting work and would highly recommend him.”

— Dan P. QLD, AU

. . .

If you’re questioning whether anyone is reading your website, perhaps you should chat to me. It’s the smartest move an intelligent website owner can make.