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David Ogilvy has many quotable quotes.

But no other line cuts through the noise like this one:

“Direct response is my first love, and later became my secret weapon.”

That one line catapulted Ogilvy’s fledgling agency to a Madison Avenue titan within six months.

And if you landed on this page, not by accident, then you already know the power direct response advertising wields.

It can change the fortunes of small businesses overnight.

But if it’s your first time here, let me break down direct response (DR) for you.

DR is advertising that motivates readers to act — respond to the ad. But unlike short and snappy billboard and print ads, DR is longer. Much longer.

Because your ad has one chance to clinch the sale, we use a time-tested approach to craft copy.

One that tells the product’s story.

No detail spared. No feature excluded.

Then, in a persuasive but subtle way, the ad instructs the reader to act now.

None of this ‘hmm … I’ll think about it and come back later.’

In short, it’s salesmanship in print.

Here’s what we wrote for two clients who needed to generated new leads:

Woodcut’s premium wood flooring sales page.

Stay Safely’s sales page to attract real estate leads.

Whether you’re chasing more leads, sign-ups or sales, Mylk Copy can craft direct response adverts that tell and sell. Here’s how we help.

step one

We deep dive into your product and service; no stone is left unturned as we find out what makes your product a cut above the rest.

step two

We plan and develop a fresh new angle that audiences haven’t heard or seen before.

step three

Rather than simple price discounts, we craft a red-hot offer that readers can’t refuse.

step four

You sit back while we write an ad that’s dripping with motivational sales copy.

step five

You’ll get your ad and it’s ready to run live. 

So if your small biz needs a secret sales weapon, talk to us about your direct response project. Getting started won’t cost you a cent. But not starting could cost you sales.

. . .