Part 3: How To Write BOFU Facebook Ads That Convert (With Examples).

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You’re on the home stretch now.

In Part 1, we examined how to write TOFU (top of the funnel) ads that convert. Following, in Part 2, we delved into MOFU (middle of the funnel) and the specific type of copy these ads need. Now, in this third and final part of this series, you’ll discover how to write BOFU Facebook ads.

The bottom line on BOFU ads.

As people get nurtured from TOFU down to MOFU, the final stage they reach is the bottom of the funnel, or BOFU, for short.

People who get targeted at this part of your funnel are well aware of your brand’s existence. They’ve seen your ads. They interacted with a click, like, comment or share. And they may even have taken an action like add to cart. But they haven’t signed up or purchased yet.

This is where the BOFU ‘stick’ pokes and prods those people on the fence to make the leap and land on your website — primed to make a buying decision.

Why you need BOFU ads in your funnel.

It has taken days or even weeks for someone to get to the bottom of your funnel and not convert. This usually means they are still unsure about something. They need a tad more convincing before they punch in their email address or hand over their payment details in exchange for the goods.

I like to call these people ’almost customers’. They’re almost at the point of sale. Because of this, BOFU ads carry the heaviest—and most crucial—load of the three funnels: making the sale.

So your call-to-action for BOFU must focus on things like an offer, discount, free trial, consultation, audit or a mixture of all of the above.

For instance, going back to my friend Paul and his skincare clinic. When he runs BOFU ads, he may choose to stack an offer something like this:

If you sign up today for a free 30-min skin consult (valued at $89) you’ll get:

  1. Clean Skin Health Assessment
  2. ‘Eat Your Way To Blemish-free Skin’ Guide
  3. 7-day Skin Detox Guide

Now, this might seem like a hard sell … and you’re absolutely right.

BOFU ads’ only purpose is to bring in the leads and sales. Which means you have to come out swinging for the fences with an irresistible offer.

Three types of bottom of the funnel ads (examples from three different clients).

NB: Facebook ads are written in American English for my US clients.

Ad type #1: Crossroad close.

Client/Product: Ardyss Body Reshaper

Get The Look You Want Or Pass On That Dress Again?

Body copy:

When was the last time you second-guessed yourself and didn’t end up wearing that ONE dress you really wanted too! 😭

It happens, sis.

And that’s why we created our new Body Magic Instant Reshaper. 🙌

The ultra-thin fabric technology is designed to naturally shape, flatten and lift.

✅  Works with every body type

✅  Thins the appearance of your hips and thighs

✅  Lifts and shapes your booty 🍑

✅  Supports posture and core 💪

✅  Available in sizes 22-46 

👉 Click “Learn More” and grab yours now. Be quick though, they always sell out fast! 🔥

Ad type #2: Hard CTA (call-to-action) discount ad.

Client/Product: Ardyss Body Reshaper.

Early Bird Free Offer Now Open.

Body copy:

Physician’s Choice is giving away a FREE bottle of berry-flavored Kid’s Probiotic and extra cash bonuses (a total value of $30) in this one-time-only early bird offer. 🕒

Why Kid’s Probiotic by Physician’s Choice?

Formulated & Safe for Kids Age 4+

Supports Healthy Digestive & Immune Function

Promotes Improved Mood

No Sugar Added Berry Flavor

Clinically Studied Probiotic Strains

️ Simply click the “Get Offer” button below and follow the three steps… it takes less than 2 minutes!

Ad type #3: Questions before sign up.

Client/Product: Midwest Bed Bug.

Still Looking For Discreet Bed Bug Removal?

Body copy:

Are you looking to book in your home to finally get rid of crawling bed bugs, but have some questions before going ahead with it? 🤔

That’s totally understandable if you do. 👌

We love getting questions to help you make the right, informed decision for your home. What’s more, our team of qualified technicians can answer any questions you have right now!

👉 Simply press the “Send Message” button and you’ll be connected to one of our technicians who will answer your questions, without the jargon.

The key takeaway.

When it comes to improving your Facebook ad performance, crafting well-researched, thought-out copy pays off in spades. That remains the same at every stage of the ad funnel.

The only thing that doesn’t remain the same is the language for each stage of the funnel. BOFU copy requires something very different from TOFU copy. A change has taken place — customer awareness has shifted to an even deeper level. This means they know your brand; they understand what you’re selling.

Now it’s a matter of striking with your hottest offer. So your copy must communicate that. If not, you’re leaving money on the table … and Zuckerberg is more than happy to eat it up.

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