If You Cheap Out On Your Website, Why Squander Money On A Copywriter?

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Think about this next part for a minute.

You bought a website template — using a discount code.

The stock photos? You skimmed those from Google Images for free, of course.

And the website content, I imagine you copied a competitor’s headline but chopped and changed a few words around.

But you didn’t stop there.

You may have even ‘modelled’ your offers after theirs.

Then, hit the upload button. Presto!

It’s live for the world to see.

Now, the website might only get as many hits as you can count on one hand. And even fewer people buy anything. So you kindly ask friends and family for their opinion.


If they dare complain about how bland the content is, shrug them off. They’ve clearly just come from another website — one where the owner invested in a pro copywriter.

So if you need to revamp your website copy, never split the dollars and sense.

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