May I Have A Word, Please?

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May I Have A Word, Please Mylk Copy Blog

I need to get something off my chest.

Copywriting is not an art form. It’s not designed to entertain. It’s not written to win awards.

It's a business tool.

It serves one purpose: sales.

Like any tool, the sharper it is, the more precise its impact.

In its sharpest form—direct response advertising—you can build a great, enduring brand on a shoestring budget.

But if that tool is blunt, your advertising can miss the mark. You may end up opening competitors’ doors. Not your own.

The cardinal rule.

Advertising serves your business.

And it delivers where it matters most, the bottom line. If not, it’s nothing more than decorative fluff.

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Anthony Marion

Anthony Marion

Wordsmith head honcho at Mylk Copy, Melbourne, Australia.

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