Oh, You Want To Sell Products? Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Read This.

Forget everything you know about selling Mylk Copy Blog

Everything you’ve been told about why people buy things is a lie.

Bit dramatic? OK, hear me out.

Think back to the last big purchase you made. I’ll bet you don’t remember the reasons you told yourself why it’s a good deal. But I do bet you remember the logical reasons why you bought it. You know, the answers you give when friends, family and Facebook pals ask why you paid for that particular product.

Something you don’t hear too often.

What I’ve realised over 5+ years of slinging ink is that there are two types of reasons that people buy products. These reasons apply to every product and service that’s bought online or in-store.

The first type of reason is the sort you tell your significant other. These reasons are black-and-white logical. And they are usually supported by facts and figures straight out of the product’s advert. Copywriters weave numbers into ads for this very reason; numbers bulk up the credibility, highlight superiority and are easy to rattle off at the click of your fingers.

The second type of reason is the variety you tell yourself. You keep these reasons close to your chest and locked in your head. After all, as long as it makes sense to us, bugger what everyone else thinks, right?

Let’s take Porsche as an example. They’re expensive to own, expensive to run. Spare parts are limited and have to be imported from Germany. The wait times are soul-crushingly long and they run on ultra-premium petrol. (Geez, seen the price of fuel lately?) Still, a Porsche rarely loses its value. In many cases, the value increases over time.

Knowing this, how do you craft an ad that tugs at emotions and spikes curiosity, yet is logical enough to justify Porsche’s hefty price tag? Here’s what the guys at Fallon McElligot wrote…

993 911 Porsche turbo advert mylk copy melbourne

Look at it this way.

If you’re in the market for a Porsche, that ad would have you salivating at the corners of your mouth. First, the headline hooks your curiosity. Then the rest of the ad makes a rational pitch why owning a Porsche is such a sweet deal. And it worked. When Porsche ran these ads in the early 90s, they sold Turbos quicker than their dealers could write up the contracts. To this day, I still dream of owning a Turbo.

How can you tap into this higher level of persuasive power.

The next time you audit your website or marketing materials, ask yourself if it appeals to the logical and the emotional. Too many numbers can come across as dull. Too much emotion comes across as hype.

It’s a balancing act. Both go hand-in-hand when it comes to persuading people to buy what you’re selling. So get that balance right and your website copy will be better than good. It will be gravy.

Can’t seem to get your copy to balance out? Let’s weigh your options up here.

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