Sales, Not Excuses.


There’s something I need to get off my chest.

I didn’t study copywriting at university. I didn’t see Don Draper and wish I lived his Mad Men-esque life. And I didn’t intern for some hotshot agency.

I stumbled into this weird and wonderful world of advertising like a drunk fool trying to hail a taxi at 2am.

Back in 2012, while working as a pick-packer, my boss at the time caught wind that I was studying marketing.

So, with this in mind, he dropped our shiny new Google Adwords (now Google Ads) account into my lap. I could feel my face going blank.

"You figure it out, Anthony.”

Interpretation: he wanted sales, not excuses.

For the next six months, I went all in. I didn’t come up for air once. After all, I had to make the online checkout sing. But the results were ho-hum rather than ‘oh wow’. 

The reason? 

My copy stunk. It stunk like a decaying egg sandwich tucked away at the back of a fridge.

But it wasn’t until I took a trip to Borders (… geez, remember Borders? ) that I stumbled upon a book that would change the trajectory of my career.

Now, they say never judge a book by its cover, but I did just that. 

Maybe it was the billboard-sized font. Maybe it was the cover photo of a posh guy smoking a pipe. Whatever it was, I felt like Indiana Jones gazing upon the grail for the first time.

The book I’m talking about is Ogilvy On Advertising, by marketing master and copywriting genius David Ogilvy.

It’s here my love affair with copywriting began. 

And it’s here I decided that the thing I wanted most was to excel in writing advertising that sells.

David Ogilvy Mylk Copy Picture

The Result?

I went all in.

I cut my teeth writing ads for cash-strapped business owners who needed sales, double time. This included everything from:

  • 1,200+ Google ads for one of Australia’s largest online health food stores.
  • Facebook ads for everything from online clinics to solar panel companies.
  • Poster ads for gyms, and print flyers for combat clubs.
  • Long-form advertorials for graphic design software.
  • Web copy for fledging consultants.

And many, many more clients in between.

There’s nothing like education in the real world, on the frontline trenches.

It’s here that every word counts. And it’s here that every dollar generated from my copywriting is accounted for. No excuses.

So, if you need a new advert or web copy that sells, shoot me a message here. Let’s chat about your next project.

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Anthony Marion

Anthony Marion

Wordsmith head honcho at Mylk Copy, Melbourne, Australia.

Hey, it's Anthony.

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I write web and sales copy for brands that want to connect with more visitors and convert them to customers.

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