Small Business Copywriter

A Confession From A Small Business Copywriter.

I need to let you in on something.

The type of advertising you’re about to see won’t win fancy awards.

It’s not cute. It’s not clever. To some, it may not even look pretty.

But if you want the type of advertising that gets online orders rolling in or foot traffic marching through your doors, then you’re in the right place.

Here at Mylk Copy, we focus on one thing: the work.

And nothing more.

Because the work is what matters most, we take every measure to produce top-tier copywriting for small businesses. (Before we even show the client their ad, it must pass our ‘four-legged stool test’ but more on that later.)

Since Mylk Copy opened up shop in 2016, we’ve crafted ads for small businesses in Melbourne to Manchester. This includes poster ads, social media ads and direct mailers, to name a few.

I don’t mean brag but here are three clients singing Mylk’s praises…

Anthony was amazing to deal with. Fast response, no dramas, and most importantly, his copy was spot on every time … He created fantastic web copy … while pushing the user to engage more with the site.”— Chris T., Founder & Head of Growth, VGM, Manchester, UK.

Anthony has done his job extremely well. He produced the copy for the sales landing page, exactly what we needed.“— Ej J., Founder, True Health Secrets, Ireland.

Mylk did a great job. Took the time to listen, research and put together some great work. Highly Recommend.“—Chris S., Founder, Babsken, Queensland.

How our copywriting can help your small business succeed in a crowded market.

Forget ‘spray-and-pray advertising. Our copywriting approach ‘zeroes in’ on the people audiences most willing (and ready) to buy.


Every ad we write has in-built mechanisms to track response, so you can track customer acquisition down to the last cent. No ‘guesstimating’ here.


Your ads will command action. No matter what the medium is, our copy always demands the reader takes action and responds to the ad with a click, call or sign-up.


We want your ad to make sales. Period. So before we return the ad to you, it’s run through our ‘Four-legged stool test’. This simple yet powerful test ensures the copy contains the four key elements needed to maximise conversions.

And one last thing.

This isn’t a kiss-and-run type of affair. We want your small biz to rake in big business.

So once you receive your ad, we’re happy to give advice and share our know-how to get the best results.  Let’s get the ball rolling on your ad.

. . .