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Some problems we encounter have straightforward solutions. If your pipes are leaking, you call a plumber. If your computer is playing up at work, you call the IT guys. If your car won’t start, you call roadside assistance.

But, when it comes to website copy, it’s not as black and white. Sometimes you can find it difficult to know when you have a content problem and how to solve it.

After writing for companies across Australia, the States and the UK, I’ve put together a list of seven questions you can ask yourself to determine when it’s the right time to hire a website copywriter. Let’s dive in.

Can you explain what you do in one to two sentences?

Say you run into an old high school buddy at your local coffee spot. He asks you what you’ve been up to and what you’re doing for work these days. Can you tell him what you do in just one … maybe two sentences? And can you do it in such a way that makes it memorable so the next time your old friend needs your service, guess who springs to mind?

For instance, saying you’re ‘a mortgage broker’ isn’t enough. At the time of writing this post, IBISWorld reports there are 7,456 registered mortgage brokers in Australia. What are you going to say that stands out from such vast competition? A great copywriter will help you craft a message that defines your business with clarity, in a way that’s memorable to your audience.

Do you find yourself asking people, “Do you think this sounds good?”

Hint: if you have to ask that question, the answer is no.

Copy by committee—meaning, running your content through every Tom, Dick and Harry—doesn’t mean it’s going to sound better. In most cases, the content is worse because you’re trying to please too many people.

If you notice you’re having difficulty communicating a clear message to visitors, wave the white flag and call on a professional copywriter.

Is your landing page convincing, compelling and converting?

I love reading (and writing) a good landing page. However, if you’re going to put fingers to the keyboard yourself, can you craft sales copy that sells?

Further, many internet marketers I come across claim you must have a ‘tripwire’ like a free eBook or checklist to collect emails. Truth is if the copy stinks like a boxing glove after twelve rounds no one will hang around long enough to thumb down their iPhone screen to reach the Sign-Up Here button.

Have you found yourself getting lost or confused with your own messaging?

When you’re too close to your product or service, there’s a tendency to oversell. When this happens, your message loses focus and clarity, and visitors are left feeling overwhelmed. Before they even reach the Buy Now button, they’ve hit the Back button.

So if you find it difficult to craft copy that’s clear and concise, it’s worth investing in the services of a copywriter to demystify the mystified.

Does your content induce pain rather than hit pain points?

When people land on your website, they’re looking to solve a problem. No ifs or buts about it. What they aren’t looking for are slabs of text explaining how wonderful you are. 

While I’m sure you’re a pro at what you do, truth is, people are on your site for themselves. They have a problem, they want a solution. Simple. The copy should soothe their pain and give them that special feeling of relief as they flick through your website.

Does your sales message fall apart like a dry cake?

You can’t be a bore and expect people to buy what you’re selling. People need stories and reasons to buy. If your copy doesn’t escort your visitors from the browsing stage to the checkout page, then you’re doing them a great disservice. And you should consider using a direct response copywriter who is conversion-focused.

Are you straight-up bored with the content you already have?

Meh, bleh, eh. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying one of those three—or all three—then it means you’re bored of your own words. And if you’re bored, what must potential customers think?

Good copywriting is more than words on a screen. It can breathe new life into your brand and tap into people’s internal desires with a sentence or two. What’s more, enlivened content makes people think, act and share. That makes it a hell of a lot easier to get people to stick around on your website and read whatever it is you’re selling. 

How a website copywriting service helps.

So if you think that you do need a copywriter, please feel free to shoot me an email at hello@mylkcopy.com.au. You won’t get some automated reply. Instead, you’ll receive a real response from a copywriter who crafts sharp messages to cut through the noise. And that’s something you know your website needs.

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