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Mylk Copy Direct Response Copywriter Melbourne, Australia

This isn’t a boxing page but I’m a boxing fan. Well, that’s an understatement. Raving fanatic is a more accurate description.

When I’m not writing or researching a client project, you can find me in the ‘squared circle’ going toe to toe, letting my hands go blow for blow.

And if you follow any combat sports (Muay Thai, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu etc.), there’s one line often declared after a thundering knockout:

“Skills pay the bills!”

I couldn’t agree more. So here, in black and white, are my skills – crafting copy that motivates and sells – being put to the ultimate test on a choice selection of clients and projects.

168 Muay Thai is one of Melbourne’s leading Muay Thai gyms. Here’s a print ad that gets at the heart of why most people sign-up to learn martial arts (it’s not for fitness).

458 Pizzeria needed a poster ad for a local pizza haunt that churns out the most authentic Pizza Napoletana in all of Melbourne.

Mister Brady & Co., a cutting edge men’s grooming biz, wanted a digital poster ad to cut through the noise. Here’s a fresh take on their 100% natural deodorant.

Namman Muay Thai Oil. I whipped up this poster ad for the original liniment oil used in Thai boxing gyms since the 1960s.

Brisbane Naturopath, one of Queensland’s leading health and wellbeing clinics,  wanted web copy that sells, without sounding like a sleazy pitch. Here’s their story.

Woodcut, a luxury timber flooring company, wanted a direct response landing page to convert ice-cold web traffic into red-hot leads. This is the result.

Train TBR, a strength and condition coach operating in PureGym London, generated 12-15 new leads per week with this long-form ad. (Within eleven weeks he was no longer accepting new clients; his training schedule was full.)

Habitat For Fitness will change the way you think about fitness. But this poster ad I created will change the way you think about gyms.

CorelDRAW wanted to attract a new audience for their graphic design software: online t-shirt entrepreneurs. This long-form advertorial does the selling for CorelDRAW 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Engineering Copywriter needed sales-focused website copy to convert marketers and senior managers in engineering companies onto their content creation services.

National MRI Scan, the UK’s leading private MRI provider, paid $18.72 (£10.18) per lead with these Facebook ads. A paltry sum when each appointment booked generated $531 (£289.00) in revenue.

Edgeview Finance, a Queensland-based financial group, needed to give their mortgage broking website a distinct edge in today’s cut-throat market.

Boat Party Prague Finance is Central Europe’s leading river cruise and pub crawl company. They needed website copy worthy of this status. 

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