Zig When Everybody Else Zags: How To Advertise A Bakery.

Zig When Everybody Else Zags: How To Advertise A Bakery.

Do you recall the last time you saw a loaf of wholemeal bread being advertised?

Maybe that’s too specific. How about…

Do you recall a time when you saw a bakery being advertised?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve caught a glimpse of a 30-second TV commercial advertising a certain bakery chain?

Yet, it’s rare to see any bakery advertise. And if you do happen to see a commercial, it’s either (a) focused on some new on-trend grain they’ve added to their recipe, alas chia seeds, or (b) it’s a specific time of the year, say December, and the ad suggests that you should have a couple of fresh loaves ready to serve at Christmas lunch.

I’m sure you’d agree that’s as boring as eating plain toast.

But just last weekend all of that changed.

For the past one and a half years, I’ve run past a French bakery — Three Little Bakers — every morning.

When I stride down the sidewalk past their doors, the smell of hot dough baking tiptoes through the cool morning air. For a split second, it makes my hellish 10km run feel like heaven.

Sometimes I want to stop running and simply breathe in that intoxicating gluten-filled air. Sadly, my FitBit would start yelling (and vibrating) at me to get back to my sweaty business.

On I run.

But all of that changed last weekend. I did a pit stop — after my run, of course — to see what baked goods they had on offer. Sure enough, these bakers didn’t let me down.

Baguettes, croissants, sourdough, savoury European continentals, cakes and sweet pastries that would make a type 2 diabetic weep like a 5-year-old.

I truly felt I was in heaven.

With a French Stick tucked under my left arm, a bag of hot jam doughnuts under my right, I retreated to a bench to get down to the business of eating.

As I wolfed down handfuls of crispy crust, I thought to myself:

How have I run past this place for more than a year and never been in?

Then it hit me.


I ALWAYS perceived this place to be just another tired bakery. Just another hole in the wall making so-so bread and a couple of finger buns on the side. Nothin’ special, right?

Then I thought about novelist George Eliot and her wise words:

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Sorry, George, that’s what happens when small businesses don’t advertise.

That’s when an idea started to form.

What if I wrote an ad for Three Little Bakers? One that killed two birds with one stone: transformed their perception AND sells some bread along the way. So I did just that: how to advertise a bakery.

(For full disclosure, Three Little Bakers did not hire me to write the advert below. And they are not clients of Mylk Copy. I produced this ad to show how a small business can tap into the power of copywriting to persuade more people to visit their store.)

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s this little gem of an ad.

Mylk Copy Melbourne how to advertise a bakery

If you’re reading this on a phone, the body copy reads:

Who says you need to visit France to get traditional French bread?

But cooling on the racks in Three Little Bakers, is a choice selection of baguettes, batards and boules.

Although we knead right here in Murrumbeena, our bread is French with a capital F.

The wheat flour is from the south of France. The yeast is from the North. While the sea salt is produced just outside of sea-side Marseille.

The baked goods come out as if we smuggled a Boulanger all the way from Paris. (We didn’t, by the way.)

No matter which roll or breadstick you choose, the texture is light and airy. And that crisp ‘eggshell’ crust … c’est magnifique.

As well as our classic baguettes and sourdough, we also bake a variety of savory European bread.

For that sweet tooth, you’ll discover pastries plump with natural jam, whole cream and rich chocolate.

Now, if you’ve ever wondered where the term “melt in your mouth” comes from, just take one bite of our butter croissants.

So, if you want French bread that’s French bred, visit Three Little Bakers in Murrumbeena. We raise it fresh every day.

. . .

Who said bakery advertising had to be plain as white bread?

In just 194 words:

  1. We’ve managed to highlight the unique selling proposition
  2. We’ve managed to pinpoint how and what makes Three Little Bakers different;
  3. We’ve managed to mention the varieties of bread and pastries
  4. We’ve managed to call out a specific item which (most) people love: croissants
  5. We’ve managed to call for the reader to take action

Remember this.

No industry is a single product or a single brand. Yet many industries end up with me-too ads. That’s why all bank advertising looks like bank advertising. And all insurance ads look like insurance ads.

To break from the pack means forging a totally new creative path. In some cases, it may mean taking an entirely new position in the market. And in others, a verbal twist in the headline is all that’s needed.

So next time you review your advertising, ask yourself if your copy zigs when everybody else zags.

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